The Evolution of Agriculture


Appeared July 14, 2022
Published on Water Education Colorado

Global Field Program (GFP) student Sensa Wolcott shares her thoughts and recommendations on the future of agriculture in a blog she wrote for Water Education Colorado (WEC), an organization dedicated to informing and engaging Coloradans on water issues.

“Agricultural producers in Colorado are feeling the impacts of climate change,” she writes. “Temperatures are rising, snowpack is decreasing, runoff is occurring earlier in the year, and it’s becoming drier. Understanding how these environmental changes impact us will help farmers and ranchers like myself adjust our land management practices to remain resilient to drought and climate change.”

Wolcott is earning a Master of Arts (MA) in the biological sciences from Miami University through Project Dragonfly‘s GFP while working as the Watershed Coordinator for the Mancos Conservation District. As a GFP student, Wolcott focuses her studies and research on community-based conservation and connecting people with the land through dialogue and collaboration. Wolcott and her family live on their family owned and operated cattle ranch and enjoys hiking, camping, mountain biking, and photography.