Wiset “Kirk” Bumrungwong

Wiset "Kirk" Bumrungwong
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Wiset was born and raised in Phuket, Thailand. He received a Fulbright grant and earned a master’s degree in environmental psychology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. His interests include psychology of conservation behaviors and nature-based mindfulness practices. Currently, he works as a trainer at the Spiritual Pathway Project in Thailand. He organizes workshops and teaches mindfulness & contemplative education for non-profits, social workers, and health care professionals. He also co-founded “Park-Jai”: a Bangkok-based project that aims to promote mental and spiritual health among people living in urban areas by hosting mindfulness-based outdoor activities (including forest bathing) in many parks and nature areas around Bangkok. Besides his works, Wiset is also a specialty coffee enthusiast and your favorite Phuket food guide.