Simon Bird


Simon Bird is an ecologist and conservation biologist focusing on environmental education and urban conservation. His research and teaching interests center around enhancing community-based conservation through education, land use ecology, urban ecology, invertebrate biodiversity, and soil system dynamics. He has two decades of experience teaching ecology, conservation biology, entomology, and environmental science at the University of Richmond, New York University, Columbia University, and the University of Wales, and has a wealth of field experience in urban, desert, forest, grassland, coastal, and upland ecosystems. Simon has co-authored interactive e-textbook chapters for teaching ecology and environmental science, has interests in novel, innovative education approaches, and is an experienced undergraduate student advisor. He originally hails from England, received his bachelor’s degree in zoology at the University of Leeds, and first came to the U.S. as a doctoral student at Texas A&M University. In his spare time, Simon is an avid (slow) runner, cyclist, hiker and kayaker, and electric guitarist.