Sharon Spencer

… is excited to follow along in the journeys of Dragonfly students as explorers, scientists, and simply as curious humans.  Bringing diverse voices and perspectives together and helping to facilitate the collaboration and discovery of innovative and dynamic ways to build community and nurture coexistence with both our human and non-human neighbors and nature is her passion.  Along Sharon’s own journey of serving in diverse educational communities, she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Social Sciences at the University of Washington, her MAT at Miami University with Project Dragonfly, and she is currently pursuing both a graduate certificate at the Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary in Climate Justice and Faith and a doctorate in Humane Education at Antioch University with a specificity of studying empathy as a conservation education strategy.  As the mom of three young adults, Sharon loves to explore the world through their vision and is eager to share stories of her journey with you all as well as listen and learn from all of yours!  There is nothing more life-giving than building community together.