Rebecca Eagle-Malone

… is the biomimicry fellow at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. She facilitates and co-facilitates the Advanced Inquiry (AIP) courses on-site while simultaneously working on her doctorate in Integrated Biosciences at The University of Akron. Her research focuses on plant tolerance thresholds to extreme environments, but her zoo passion is the importance of mega-herbivore conservation in the wild! Serving time as a military wife for 10 years and living all over the country, Rebecca decided to continue her education when her sons started elementary school. She obtained her A.S. in Science from Tidewater Community College, her B.S. in Biology (Ecology) from The University of Akron, and is anticipating a 2020 completion of a Ph.D.! Rebecca is enthusiastic about supporting and encouraging our students through their challenges. As a non-traditional student, she has faced similar hurdles and wants each of them to know that they can endure and see their goals to fruition! She spends her free-time with her husband, two sons and one daughter on their homestead, watching their two dogs, two cats, free-range chickens and guineas, and honeybees run the place, and creating beautiful flowerbeds. She has a particular penchant for what some call weeds. If the Lorax speaks for the trees, she, then, will speak for the weeds, because somebody has to speak for them!