Molly Maloy

… is the Teacher Professional Development Coordinator at the Denver Zoo as well as Co-lead on the Zoo’s Botswana Conservation Education project. Molly has a master’s degree in Environmental Education and always knew zoo education and conservation was the path for her. Molly began her zoo career at the Baltimore Zoo where she was the Keeper Encounter Coordinator and then left the East Coast to head to the Denver Zoo to become a trainer at their Wildlife Show. Molly left the Zoo for a year to pursue a job in Zambia where she met her husband and bribed him to move to Denver and live with her so she could return to the Denver Zoo. Molly has been at the Denver Zoo for 14 years and with each year that passes, her passion for wildlife (especially hornbills and wombats), global conservation and education is reinforced every day. When not at work, Molly spends her time with her husband Pete and their 2 year old son Charlie. Traveling to Africa for both work and pleasure is a huge part of Molly’s life as is enjoying eating three times her body weight in chocolate.