Meghann McDonald

Meghann Mcdonald
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… has been an ocean-based creature from the very start. She grew up on the Sea of Cortez, snorkeling, dissecting marine creatures, and listening to her father lecture his college students on the magic of upwelling since she could crawl. Meghann went on to earn a B.S. in Marine and Coastal Ecology at California State University Monterey Bay. It was there in the Monterey Bay, at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, that she found her true loves: scientific research diving and ichthyology. Meghann is a graduate of the Global Field Program with a Masters in Zoology and is the Vice President of the Vermilion Sea Institute, a non-profit dedicated to education and field studies. As such, she gets to introduce students of all ages to the terrestrial and marine worlds of Baja California. Here, she fuses scientific field methods with first-hand experience to show students that they can overcome any obstacle from plunging into the world of fish to conquering the really scary stuff: statistics.