Maggie Reinbold

… is the founding member of the Community Engagement team at the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research and serves as its director, where she oversees and supports the work of both the in-house and community-based conservation teams as they design and implement programs that connect communities to conservation for the benefit of wildlife and habitats. Her work focuses on strengthening efforts to enlist local and global community members in the fight against extinction. She works to connect teachers and their students with the science of saving species through Summer Teacher Workshops in Conservation Science and through the programs of the Conservation Education Lab and Outdoor Learning Lab. She also works to connect community members to conservation by course design and instruction in the Advanced Inquiry Program and through support of innovative projects that address the human dimensions of conservation at field sites around the world. Maggie also fosters partnerships with key collaborators at foundations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations to build capacity for high-quality, accessible conservation science education. She completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees in biology at San Diego State University, where her graduate research focused on the population genetics of desert aquatic insects across the Baja California Peninsula. She has taught science in a number of formal and informal settings including the San Diego Natural History Museum, Cardiff Elementary School, and San Diego State University. As an NSF science fellow, she co-taught hands-on science with classroom teachers across San Diego County and also spent several seasons in Arctic Alaska, bringing hands-on science education to unique and underserved communities on the North Slope. Since early childhood, she has cherished her time spent in nature and looks forward to instilling that same love of wildlife and wild places in her two young daughters.