Katie Feilen

Visiting Assistant Professor

… is a primatologist and conservation biologist, who has chased 12 monkey species through the jungles on three continents. As part of Disney’s Conservation Team, she coordinated conservation efforts of the golden lion tamarins in Brazil with Save the Golden Lion Tamarins, and she worked with Proyecto Tití to reverse the decline of cotton-top tamarins in Colombia. Katie received a Master of Arts and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Biological Anthropology at the University of California-Davis and a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She uses behavior, ecology, and evolution to help understand how primates (monkeys, apes, and lemurs) adapt to changes in their environments and how we can use scientific understanding of species to assist in their conservation. She has spent over five years living and working internationally, including teaching environmental education with Peace Corps Paraguay, studying white-faced capuchins in Costa Rica, teaching Peruvian college students tropical ecology and conservation in the Amazon, and studying seven primate species in the rainforest of Indonesian Borneo. Her work has been shared at both international and national conferences and has been published in various scientific journals. She has also been awarded a Fulbright and Boren Award for her international work. She continues to engage in conservation efforts of golden lion tamarins and cotton-top tamarins in Brazil and Colombia to assist in reversing the decline of these charismatic monkey species.