Debbie Clemens


… is a conservation biologist from the Chicago-land area. She joined the Project Dragonfly family in 2011 as an Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP) student, earning a master’s degree in zoology with a focus on wild orangutan conservation. Debbie is practiced in interpretation of animal behavior as well as animal care and husbandry, and she is an experienced facilitator of conservation biology graduate level courses as well as a seasoned informal educator. Debbie has served as a course instructor for Project Dragonfly and enjoyed three years as the Senior Coordinator for the AIP at Chicago Zoological Society/Brookfield Zoo. Debbie’s current focus is her role with Orangutan Outreach, a U.S.-based organization that supports orangutan rescue, rehabilitation, and reintroduction throughout Indonesia. She has a passion for wildlife conservation and a strong desire to educate others, and is dedicated to the conservation of wild orangutans in Borneo and Sumatra, regularly traveling to Malaysia and Indonesia to support the grass roots organizations working to save the red apes. Debbie loves being in the field and can’t wait to share the rainforests with you!