Crystal Schalmo

… is the founder and CEO of Green Dragon Conservation Education, a collaborative group of experienced educators and conservation biology field researchers partnering to provide an open, viable source of mindful, inquiry-based science curriculum, and conservation education programs. As a former zookeeper at the San Diego Zoo, Crystal has developed her passion for conservation into a focus on field research and conservation education. She holds a bachelor’s degree in zoology and biology from Humboldt State University and a master’s in zoology from Miami University. Her field research focuses on conservation education, sustainable land use, community-based conservation, mindfulness in education, and rainforest fragment ecology. With more than 10 years of experience in zoos and field experience in Borneo, Costa Rica, Belize, and Laos, Crystal founded GDCE to connect field researchers to conservation education and blend mindfulness practices into conservation education curriculum development. She believes in the power of multi-disciplinary collaboration in creating research and education programs that build mindful, curious, life-long global stewards.