Christine Korhnak

Christine Korhnak in front of a waterfall

…is an Education Manager at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, where she creates new educational opportunities for a wide range of audiences and works with a stellar team to present existing programs ranging from school field experiences to camps to AIP. She holds a degree in Biology from the University of California at Santa Cruz (Go Slugs!), where she focused on Marine Biology and Oceanography in the hopes of growing up to be Jacques Cousteau. She has nearly 20 years’ experience in zoo education and was recently named as a member of the AZA’s Conservation Education Committee. Christine likes to travel and is passionate about helping people connect their six degrees of separation to environments they may never experience firsthand. She is still drawn to the ocean and loves to sail. After a recent snorkeling experience during a Belize Earth Expeditions trip, she is now dreaming of putting a salt water tank in her home… one big enough to float in.