Amy Sullivan

Assistant Teaching Professor

… earned her Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolution from the University of Illinois Chicago where her dissertation work focused on vole foraging and how it affects tallgrass prairie remnants and restorations. She earned a master’s degree in wildlife and range resources from BYU, where she studied the effects of wildfire on small mammal communities and invasive plants in sagebrush grass steppe communities. She holds a bachelor’s in conservation biology from the same institution. As an undergraduate she got out into the field as much as possible, joining as many research teams doing fieldwork as she could. This fieldwork gave her experience working with a wide variety of organisms ranging from mountain plovers to black bears and in ecosystems ranging from mountain forests to shrublands and grasslands. Amy’s interest in engaging communities in conservation began when she moved to Chicago and recognized the need for the community to be connected with the natural areas near them. She served as the head of her town’s conservation commission and organized outreach events and programs as well as work days to engage the community in conservation and restoration activities in their home town. Now living in Oxford, Ohio, she continues to be involved in conservation and helping people connect with nature through volunteer activities with Three Valley Trust. Amy loves spending time with her family, making music (fiddle, piano, and accordion), baking, and getting out into the great outdoors.