Student Voices: Galápagos Student Reflections

Appeared 2021
Earth Expeditions: Baja Student Reflection

Advanced Inquiry Program student Marlie Mounts shares her experiences and memories of the 2021 Earth Expeditions: Galápagos course in “A Walk Through History: A Look into the Life the Galápagos have to Offer.”

“Breezy skies, teal waters, and abundant wildlife. If asked to capture the essence of the Galápagos Islands in just a few short words, this would be my best description. However, a place like the Galápagos cannot be summed up in a few words or even a few sentences. These descriptors do not encompass the people, the culture, the intricacies behind relationships, nor what it is like to live on these islands day to day. All of these factors together contribute to the global significance of the islands and make it one of the most important and vital places on the planet.”

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