Science Update: Primates in a Changing World – Dr. Katie Feilen

Primatologist and conservation biologist, Dr. Katie Feilen, presents a wildlife conservation talk for the National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) on how primates are adapting to a changing world and how we can use scientific inquiry to conserve them. This web seminar aired May 5, 2022. View the archive video.

Dr. Feilen is an assistant teaching professor at Miami University and instructor for Project Dragonfly who has chased 12 monkey species through the jungles on three continents. Prior to Miami, she was part of Disney’s Conservation Team, coordinating conservation efforts of the golden lion tamarins in Brazil with Save the Golden Lion Tamarins, and working with Proyecto Tití to reverse the decline of cotton-top tamarins in Colombia. She received a Master of Arts and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Biological Anthropology at the University of California-Davis and a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.