Professionalism 101: How to Use LinkedIn

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Dr. Shelby Summers Ballard is Associate Director of Academic Initiatives and Special Projects and Graduate Student Advisor at the Center for Career Exploration and Success (CCES) at Miami University. She works with a staff of 28, a large group that can help you with many elements of career exploration. Her presentation covers various services and tips for supporting your career development. 

Note: We apologize for some background noise during the presentation. We were working out our audio recording system for this talk. 

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See “Presentation Notes” below to jump to specific areas of the video. 

Presentation Notes

@1:40 How Miami’s Career Center can help with resume or CV review and development, interviewing strategies including mock interviews (online through Big Interview System), graduate school applications (e.g., for PhD programs), preparing for academia versus industry interviews, likely questions for first versus second interviews, and more. 

@5:21 Miami’s Handshake portal which is used to schedule 30 or 60 minute consultations with Dr. Ballard, as well as searching vetted job postings.How to upload a resume and set up a profile in Handshake (aka “LinkedIn lite”). 

@9:15 Setting up individualized career coaching in 30 or 60 minute increments via phone call. 

@12:00 Using Miami University’s Big Interview system to schedule a mock interview. Works for remotely based students as well as those on the Oxford campus. 

@16:45 “Job shadow days”, 12-20 students visit an employer in Cincy or Columbus areas. Mostly focused on undergrads but can be for some grad students. 

@ 21:20 Updating your LinkedIn profile. Follow along with Shelby as you make updates! Lots of great tips in this section on building your LinkedIn profile including tips for profile pics, using first person to express your life narrative, personalizing your “About” section and more. 

@36:17 Using LinkedIn for job searching using various searches and the Miami alumni network.  

@48:06 Using LinkedIn to search for non-profit jobs including how to turn on job alerts so recruiters can contact you. 

@52:56 Using Miami Alumni Connect, a community of 4,000 Miami alumni who have opted to be mentors for current students. Find someone who is in a position you would like to have so you can find out how they got in that position!  

@55:46 Questions and Answers