FAQs (incl. COVID)

  • Yes! We understand we are living in a time of immense unknowns. Fortunately, Miami’s Dragonfly graduate programs were originally designed as primarily hybrid and online web-based degrees. Therefore, we are fully prepared to adjust our courses to be 100% online as needed for health and safety concerns. For example, our “Earth Expeditions: Connected Conservation” and “Globally Connected Conservation” courses were offered 100% online in summer 2020 and summer 2021 respectively and included more than 200 enrolled students working from home to engage in meaningful connections and conservation action. Similarly our AIP zoo/botanical garden partners have adapted to virtual meetings to maintain course learning while staying safe at home. We are hopeful that Earth Expeditions and our AIP W+ courses (with face-to-face experiential learning at zoos/botanical gardens) will resume and run as normal for 2022. That said, regardless of what the future holds, we are fully prepared to adapt as needed so that students at all stages can continue making progress toward their master’s degrees.

    For more information, you can also view our COVID-19 page.

Continuing Graduate Status (CGS)