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Project Dragonfly
Project Dragonfly27 minutes ago
Project Dragonfly celebrates Miami University's commitment to carbon neutrality and climate resilience! On Sept. 22 Miami U President Greg Crawford Miami President Greg Crawford signed the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments (PCLC). Miami joins 400+ other colleges and universities in climate action! 👏
Project Dragonfly
Project Dragonfly20 hours ago
When do you like to wake up? Are you an early bird or a night owl? Find out how you score on questions like these in "What Belize Animal Matches Your Personality?" quiz. Created this summer through EECC student coursework, the quiz uses animal behavior to help connect Belize's school aged children to their own similar traits and promote empathy & stewardship. At the end of the quiz, the child is paired to an animal with more info! Thanks to EECC students Suzanne Mikesell, Chris Fuentes, Samantha Harrison & Jacqui Sadashige, Dragonfly instructor Genifer Lara, and The Belize Zoo's Celso Poot for this collaboration! Find our your animal personality by visiting!