“Lithium Resources for Electric Vehicles” Ecospot published in American Energy Society e-newsletter and garners worldwide interest

Lithium carbonate. Photo by Dan Lundberg/NS Energy.

Appeared Spring 2022
Published by American Energy Society

As part of her master’s coursework, AIP graduate student Allyson Gaarder created an Ecospot, the one major project of the Biology in the Age of Technology (BAT) course that involves researching an environmental problem and then identifying an interactive way to present the information. Gaarder’s Ecospot, titled Lithium Resources for Electric Vehicles, was featured in an e-newsletter of the American Energy Society, a professional association dedicated to the advancement of abundant, affordable and safe energy. With over 135,000 readers, the e-newsletter provides current energy news with access to original sources.

In sharing her research on LinkedIn, Gaarder garnered worldwide interest, with over 12,000 impressions and remarks and observations from industry professionals, including energy and mining experts, regulatory compliance consultants, policy influencers, and business leaders.

“Very interesting work Allyson, congrats. And thank you for sharing…”
“Great research Allyson. Thanks for posting this…”
“Very informative and thorough. Well done…”

Gaarder is working on her Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in the biological sciences from Miami University through Project Dragonfly‘s Advanced Inquiry Program while working as a ski instructor at Big Bear Mountain Resort and in the service sector in Big Bear Lake, California. As an AIP student, Gaarder takes web-based Miami courses and participates in experiential learning through San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance and explores natural areas around California.