In the News: AIP and GFP Students Earn Master’s Degree & Look Back on Their Journeys

Our December 2015 AIP and GFP graduates are featured in a number of hometown newspapers and alumni news magazines.

Advanced Inquiry Program

Heather Batts, Colby McElrath, Brittney Weaver, Ali Young, Sharon Garrison and Sara Shanahan, of Littleton, all of Colo., in a Denver Zoo blog

Heather Williams, of Redmond, Wash., in the Redmond-Reporter

Amy Peterson, of Carnation, Wash., in the Snoqualmie Valley Record

Craig Sammetinger, of Wapakoneta, Ohio, in The Lima News

Cecelia Bosma, of Avondale, Ariz., in the West Valley View

Jennifer Emery, of Temecula, Calif., in Valley News

Tessie Goheen, of Bremerton, Wash., in the Kitsap Sun

Faith Hilterbrand, of Hilliard, Ohio, in a Cincinnati Zoo blog

Sean Leugers, of Dublin, Ohio, in the Bishop Hartley High School news

Hilary Blair, of Mesa, Ariz., in the Mesa Independent

Stephanie Alexander, of San Diego, Calif., and Jeff Kepper, of La Jolle, Calif., in the San Diego Zoo Global Academy Newsletter

Global Field Program

Nathan Spriggs, of Waverly, Ohio, in The Pike County News Watchman

Rachel Kingsley, of Volcano, Hawai’i, in the Tribune Herald

Henry Bryant, of Marlborough, Mass., in The MetroWest Daily News

Lauren Drossman, of Sandusky, Ohio, in the Sandusky Register

Abby Harris, of Bowling Green, Ky., in the Simpson County Schools homepages