Other Pollinator Initiatives

For general information about citizen science projects, check Citizen Science Central on the Cornell University website. Below are some additional ways you can participate in scientific research on pollinators and pollination.

Fall Activities

Goldenrod Challenge

Scientists at Discover Life are gathering information about species diversity on goldenrods across the US. Check the website for details – then find some goldenrod and start photographing insects!

Journey North (Monarch migration)

Visit this website to learn more about the fall migration and contribute your sightings to their database.

Spring/Summer Activities

Bee Hunt

Pick a site, set up your own research project, and inventory the bees over the course of a season.       

Monarch Larva Monitoring Project

Volunteers collect long-term data on larval monarch populations and milkweed habitat by counting eggs and caterpillars over the course of the season. The overarching goal of the project is to better understand monarch distribution—how and why monarch populations vary in time and space.

Great Sunflower Project

The Great Pollinator Project is allied with the Great Sunflower Project—we used the same data-collecting protocol and the same plant species for observation. You can participate directly in the Great Sunflower Project by visiting their site and signing up.

Claytonia Bee Project

In April, observe bees visiting the spring beauty (Claytonia virginica) to help researchers find out more about which species pollinate this native spring wildflower.

Bumble Bee Nest Site Project

Help conservationists learn more about bumble bee nesting behavior. If you find a nest, fill out the survey at the link above.

North American Butterfly Association Fourth July Butterfly Count

This annual butterfly count is part of an ongoing, nationwide project of the North American Butterfly Association. One day each summer, participants count all the butterflies they can find within a given search area. Check the website to find a count area in the New York metropolitan region.

National Moth Week

Celebrate National Moth during the last week of July. Check the website for information about activities and projects across the country.