Dragonfly Scholarships

A limited number of partial scholarships (in the range of $250-$750, varying by year) are available to Dragonfly students each year. Scholarship descriptions and application information is distributed by email to all students in late spring of each year. Applications are reviewed based on fit with scholarship description (see below), creativity, and applicant academic performance. Availability of funds vary by year.

Our donors are interested and care about each scholarship recipient and so awardees will be asked to provide a brief summary of their graduate work via written report or presentation, depending on the scholarship.

Audubon Miami Valley Rosie Bloom Scholarship

The Audubon Miami Valley has been a local chapter of the National Audubon Society in Butler and Preble county Ohio USA since 1976. AMV works to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biological diversity.

AMV in collaboration with Project Dragonfly, supports educators who live in the Miami River Valley USA and who advocate environmental stewardship and global understanding. The AMV Rosie Bloom Scholarship, named for local Audubon Society charter member and nature advocate Rosie Bloom, supports local educators who advocate environmental stewardship and global understanding. The AMV, in collaboration with Miami’s Project Dragonfly, has awarded over 24 partial scholarships to Dragonfly graduate students since 2009.

The Audubon Miami Valley (AMV) Rosie Bloom Scholarship is open to first-year and current students who will travel on an Earth Expeditions (EE) field course and who live or work in the Audubon Miami Valley membership area. Please visit the link here to determine if you live or work in the areas that are eligible for this scholarship.

José Pareja-Wendy Tori Scholarship

The José Pareja-Wendy Tori Global Conservation and Field Scholarship is awarded to accepted master’s students in the Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP) or Global Field Program (GFP) with a clear, demonstrated interest in conservation science, field studies or environmental education. This award will provide partial funding to be used for Earth Expeditions related costs. The award is made possible by José I. Pareja and Wendy P. Tori, natives of Peru, who were a part of the GFP/AIP team at its inception in 2008. José was also one of the founding GFP/AIP team members and currently, they are both active faculty members of Earlham College. 

Drs. Jose I. Pareja and Wendy P. Tori, in collaboration with Miami’s Project Dragonfly, have awarded 13 partial scholarships since 2013. This scholarship is open to current Dragonfly students working toward their either the MA or MAT graduate degree.

T.K. Wilson-Hardy Eshbaugh Scholarship

This fund is possible in part due to Dr. T.K. Wilson, a leader in Bahamian floral biodiversity studies, and Dr. Hardy Eshbaugh, a pioneer in the field of ethnobotany (people’s use of plants) working in many global locations. These emeritus professors exemplify a model for what is possible in international scientific botanical research and global partnerships. This scholarship can be used toward relevant course costs.

The T.K. Wilson and W. Hardy Eshbaugh Scholarship is awarded to Dragonfly students in the Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP) or the Global Field Program (GFP) who practice environmental research with a global focus and actively participating in globally-relevant botanical or conservation projects with 19 partial scholarships awarded since 2011.