Global Field Program

GFP: Costs

Reduced Tuition for Master’s Degree

To support involvement by a broad range of educators and other professionals worldwide, Miami University offers reduced course costs for both field-based and online courses.

See our FAQ: How have students funded their participation? What kinds of funding sources are available?

Projected Annual Cost Estimate

The following table shows an estimate of costs for Year 1 in the GFP master’s program for students taking a five-credit-hour Earth Expeditions summer field course and eight hours of online courses (13 credit hours total; includes the fall two-credit online portion of the Earth Expeditions course. These fees will be in effect from Summer 2021 to Spring 2024. Please see recommended Course of Study). Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 costs will be at a previous reduced tuition rate.

Earth Expeditions Field Course Costs (5 Credit Hours, includes room and board for ~10 days)Airfare and Course TextOnline Course Costs (8 Credit Hours)Year 1 Total Cost (13 Credit Hours)
$3,275Varies$3,160$6,435 + Airfare

Note: Prices are subject to annual budget approval and are subject to change.

Earth Expeditions Field Course Costs

In addition to covering the price for 5 graduate credits of Miami University tuition, Earth Expeditions field course costs cover all basic expenses in-country, including:

  • Meals (incidental snacks and drinks not included)
  • Lodging
  • Field station fees
  • Field equipment (as needed)
  • Ground transportation (van, boat, train, etc., as needed)
  • Park entrance and guide fees

Course costs do not cover personal expenses, such as gifts, or some ancillary costs, such as passport fees, entry fees, required course readers, and any additional course texts. Certain courses also carry with them an additional cost for in-country travel; where applicable, this is noted on the individual course webpage.

Miami University also requires all international workshop participants to purchase travel health insurance for about $35. (Successful applicants will receive more details in their Web-Based Learning Community course workshop.) In some classes an additional textbook is required. In some countries, you may have to pay entrance and departure taxes/fees at the airport.

Please note: Some field courses have an additional cost to cover transportation and course support fees.

Offsetting Graduate Program Costs

With reduced fees as part of Miami University’s support for this program, each GFP course is offered at a fraction of actual costs. Applicants to the program should check with their school district or employer to see if professional development funds are available to further offset costs.

See our FAQ: Will I be able to apply for student loans while I am a Dragonfly master’s student? Can I defer my existing student loans?


The GFP is developing a Global Conservation Fellowship Fund, which will initially target international participants from our global field sites.


Project Dragonfly, along with key donor partners, offers several partial scholarships each year (ranging from $250-$1000) as individual awards to current graduate students in our a Master of Arts (MA) or a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) programs. These funds can be used to cover tuition and other course-related costs.