GFP Advising Webinar

Dr. Jill Koracha and DR. Kevin MAttesonn program advisers

Miami graduate advisers Jill Korach and Kevin Matteson discuss and answer questions about the GFP master’s program, Master Plans, and upcoming spring courses.

Recorded Thursday, January 23, 2020

See “Presentation Notes” below to jump to specific areas of the video. 

Presentation Notes

@2:58 Things to consider as you think about your Master Plan.

@7:02 Clarification on what Master Plans are

@11:36 Master Plan timeline and checkpoints

@20:00 Seven tips to success

@26:15 how to contact us and Q&A

@31:05 Demonstration of how to search for portfolios (to view examples of Master Plan statements)

@35:20 How to submit your Master Plan idea in your cohort workshop

@37:30 Master Plan overview in your cohort

@39:10 How to view past student publications, assignment details for upcoming courses and more