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Earth Expeditions is jointly offered by Project Dragonfly at Miami University and conservation and education partners worldwide. Our mission is to build an alliance of individuals with first-hand knowledge of inquiry-driven, community-based learning for the benefit of ecological communities, student achievement, and global understanding.

Earth Expeditions envisions each person as an ambassador who creates as well as transmits knowledge, who promotes authentic dialogue at all levels of society, and who inspires others to do the same. By adopting participatory models of education, schools become centers of investigation, students engage more deeply in their studies, and communities achieve higher levels of self-determination.

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Project Dragonfly reaches millions of people worldwide through inquiry-driven education, participatory media, public exhibits, and international partnerships. Housed at Miami University, the project began with the launch of the first national magazine to feature children’s investigations and discoveries. Dragonfly magazine, published by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), upended widely held assumptions about the role of children in science by publishing their research alongside the research of professional scientists. The magazine evolved into the Emmy-winning PBS children’s television series DragonflyTV produced by TPT public television. DragonflyTV broadcast investigations by youth to a national audience. Project Dragonfly initiated Earth Expeditions, Wild Research, iSaveSpecies, and exciting master’s degree programs: the Global Field Program and the Advanced Inquiry Program. The National Science Foundation (NSF) has called Dragonfly: “A true innovation,” and “a model of what active learning should be.”

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