Paraguay: Planned Sites

Planned Sites in Paraguay


Students will fly into Asunción, the capital of Paraguay and a historic South American city. Here, shaded streets and local squares, where Guarani vendors sell exquisite needlework and hand-crafted leather, exist alongside more industrial zones and upscale malls. Asunción is the transportation hub of Paraguay and a gateway to the country’s diverse biological and cultural landscapes.

ProCosara in San Rafael

Located in Eastern Paraguay, San Rafael is the country’s largest remaining fragment of the once extensive Atlantic Forest. Still under threat from poachers, loggers, and agriculture development, the region is critically important for conservation in South America. This biodiversity hotspot boasts more than 430 species of bird – 60% of all the birds registered in Paraguay are found in this expansive forest reserve. Para La Tierra’s primate team is currently working with ProCosara to study the behavior and range of Hooded Capuchins.


Also known as ‘The City of Birds,’ Pilar is a quaint town on the coast of the mighty Paraguay River. Surrounded by a network of marshes, streams, and lakes, there is a deep tradition of nature appreciation in this area. Howler monkeys coexist with people in the city, using power-lines and rooftops to travel from fruit tree to fruit tree in the city’s squares and plazas. Pilar is also home to Para La Tierra’s Center for Investigation, Development, Environmental Education and Leadership (Centro IDEAL). In addition to wildlife research, the Center oversees a community-wide program that engages children in the conservation of local forest and wetland ecosystems.