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Mongolia: Steppe Ecology & Civic Media

Explore an incomparable grassland ecosystem. Learn how to support citizen conservation reporters. Focus on the Pallas’ cat and Przewalski’s horse, one of the most successful species reintroductions of our time.

Course Details
Planned dates
in Mongolia:
June 13-22, 2022

Plan to arrive at least one day before course begins and depart the day after course ends. Add 1-2 days travel time. Students arrive at least one day before the course begins.
On the Web: May – December
Credits: 7 graduate credits from Miami University;
Course can be applied to the Global Field Program
Course Cost:* 2022 Field course (in-country + web): $3,225 (price includes tuition for 5 graduate credits and in-country costs) + airfare to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

2022 Fall project course (web, required): $790 (price includes tuition for 2 graduate credits)

Course Overview

Travel to Mongolia, the “Land of Blue Sky.”

The birthplace of the Mongol Empire, the largest contiguous empire in human history, Mongolia is now a vibrant democracy and home to an open wilderness that has few parallels in the modern world. We will explore the great steppes, and especially engage in the conservation story of two key steppe species: Pallas’ cats and Przewalski’s horse. Pallas’ cats are important steppe predators whose conservation provides insights into the challenges facing the survival of small wild cats worldwide. Przewalski’s horse, also called takhi, are considered to be the only true wild horse left in the world. We will join research on an ambitious reintroduction project based in Mongolia that has returned this remarkable species to its former homeland after being driven to extinction in the wild. Possible research projects include studies of the populations, home range, and conservation of Pallas’ cats and Przewalski’s horse; participatory media and conservation knowledge; and community-based research. Discover the power of inquiry to generate knowledge and inspire conservation.

Prior to and following the field experience in Mongolia, students will complete coursework via Dragonfly Workshops’ Web-Based Learning Community as they apply experiences to their home institutions.

Course Options for Miami Students

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*Note that costs shown above are for graduate students only. Course costs for undergraduate students are based on each student’s tuition rate. If you have questions regarding your tuition promise rate, please contact the Bursar.