India: Planned Sites

Planned Sites in India

Western Ghats

All of our course locations lie in the Western Ghats, a lush and dramatic landscape, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as one of the most important conservation regions on Earth. The rain that falls in the Western Ghats feeds many of India’s major rivers. We will be in the northern section of the Western Ghats (in the Sahyadris hill range), which has received comparatively little conservation attention.

Amba Wildlife Corridor

India is seeking to reverse a tragic decline of ecologically and spiritually important species by establishing and protecting a system of reserves and corridors. While in Amba, we can gain an appreciation for the ecological importance, impacts, and conservation strategies happening in this region including the spiritual aspects of hornbills, palm civet, tigers, fish tail palm, and other animal and plant species, in sacred groves. 


Sri Velneshwar is an ancient temple by the sea, located on the shores of the Indian Ocean. The colorful temple grounds are decorated with paintings and carvings depicting deities and local stories. Many plant and animal species frequent this area including monkeys and many species of birds.

(Course locations are subject to change.)