Belize: Planned Sites

Planned Sites in Belize

The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center

The Belize Zoo, situated on 29 acres of tropical savanna, exhibits over 125 animals native to Belize. The Belize Zoo receives more than 10,000 school children every year as part of the Zoo’s progressive education program and is home to active jaguar and harpy eagle conservation projects.

Community Baboon Sanctuary

Established to protect the local population of black howler monkeys through voluntary community participation in land management, the Community Baboon Sanctuary encompasses over 12,980 acres of broadleaf forest, wetlands, and pasture farmland. The black howler monkey, known as “baboon” in Creole, is the main species of interest in the reserve.

Tobacco Caye

An island totalling 5 acres in size, Tobacco Caye is an ideal location for studying aquatic life as it is situated directly on the barrier reef system. The island is home to mangroves, coral reefs, seagrass beds and is a short boat ride from the biologically rich South Water Caye Marine Reserve. Working with the Tobacco Caye Marine Station, students have the opportunity to perform in-depth investigations of this diverse marine ecosystem.

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