Dragonfly Diversity Cafe Virtual Talk & Discussion: Small-Scale Fishing Foodways

Dragonfly‘s inaugural Diversity Cafe on March 18, 2021 features National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Knauss Fellow Dr. Emily Horton. Dr. Horton will share her perspective on gender, wellbeing, and alternative governance narratives in small-scale fishing foodways.

Within the context of global fishery declines, there is need for more inclusive environmental governance that addresses sustainability and livelihood concerns. Centered on small-scale fishing communities in a Brazilian marine reserve, this presentation explored how “zangaria” fisheries and a seasonal-fishing ban shape the well-being of different actors situated along zangaria-fishing foodways.

With doctoral training in cultural and ecological anthropology, Dr. Horton specializes in the human dimensions of environmental governance and policy. She has held diverse socio-environmental positions in the nonprofit, governmental, and academic, sectors in North and South America (Brazil and Paraguay). These experiences have shaped her professional vision of collaborating with diverse stakeholders across sectors, disciplines, and geographies to address sustainability and wellbeing challenges in an equitable, just, and inclusive manner. 

  • Rendering Visible: Gender, Wellbeing, & Alternative Governance Narratives in Small-Scale Fishing Foodways 
  • Thursday, March 18, 2021, 7:30 p.m. EST  
  • This talk was not recorded.

This Diversity Cafe is part of Dragonfly Cafes, a developing series of virtual talks focusing on international conservation, urban and rural ecology, inquiry-based education, nature connections, and other relevant topics. Our Diversity Cafes aim to elevate marginalized perspectives on diversity, equality, and inclusion-related topics in an environmental and conservation setting. The invited speakers will explore topical ideas, research, and experience in the first half of the Cafe hour. In the latter half, the Cafe will open up for discussion and audience participation to engage with the speaker(s) and their ideas.