Dragonfly Digital Leadership Festival

Project Dragonfly’s Digital Leadership Festival in the spring of 2020 showcased asynchronous presentations of Leadership Challenges from 25 students in the Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP) and Global Field Program (GFP). The festival included student videos and posters, engagement with these leaders, and a live science café with a lightning round of mini-presentations. We hope you enjoy these videos from the live session:

The above-mentioned presenters and moderator Jacqueline Sadashige earned their degrees in 2020 from Miami University through Project Dragonfly‘s GFP and AIP. As GFP students, Sadashige and Blackburn engaged with global grassroots conservation. While in the AIP, Curran, Keene, Rosette, Serfass, and Wachtel explored their AIP Master Institutions (Brookfield Zoo, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Woodland Park Zoo, and Bronx Zoo) and natural settings around their home states of Illinois, Ohio, Washington, and New York.