COVID-19 Info

COVID-19 Info and Curricular Innovations

Project Dragonfly and Miami University are here for you during this difficult time! We offer entirely online, stand-alone graduate courses that you can take for professional development.  We also have full Miami master’s degrees: the Global Field Program and the Advanced Inquiry Program. We are well prepared for the changing conditions caused by the COVID pandemic, and we adapt course delivery and assignments to comply with current health safety guidelines while maximizing student learning.

Sarah Young, a zoologist and enrichment coordinator from Dallas, Texas, is a recently admitted Dragonfly graduate student. She took her first Dragonfly class in summer 2020, and here’s what she had to say about one of our newly innovated courses:

“Throughout this summer course, I have established connections with fellow students across the world, worked with a diverse group of incredible individuals (meeting weekly though we lived in different states and countries), I’ve connected with issues in my local community as well as learned extensively about conservation issues globally. I’ve experienced the work of our Earth Expeditions partners first-hand, even though my expedition to Belize did not work out due to the global pandemic. I had the chance to work with and advocate for one amazing little zoo in Belize even though I was working at my own zoo thousands of miles away. I’ve met people saving wildlife and wildlands from all corners of the world without even leaving my apartment. I’ve never felt more connected, or more motivated, to make an impact in this world and advocate for environmental issues.”

To learn more about Dragonfly courses, please explore the web pages within this site or check out our FAQ: Can I start and complete this degree with possible travel and in-person restrictions due to COVID?  Finally, please do not hesitate to contact us at (513) 529-8576 with any questions or concerns.