Conservation through Native American Petroglyphs

GFP student Jesza Doleh

Appeared Summer 2022
Published on Green Teacher

In “Conservation through Native American Petroglyphs” Global Field Program student Jesze Doleh outlines lessons on protecting nature from the first conservationists. “Discovering Native American petroglyphs, or rock carvings, was a transformative experience for me and could be for others,” writes Doleh. “Whether that be through nature play, hiking, Native American art, or other ways, each experience is valuable. As educators, it is important to be able to facilitate multiple pathways of connection between children and nature.”

Doleh is earning a Master of Arts (MA) in the biological sciences from Miami University through Project Dragonfly‘s Global Field Program while working as a park specialist at Thousand Hills State Park. Doleh has also been a Zooteen volunteer, animal care intern and researcher, and Birmingham Zoo educator.

Pictured clockwise: petroglyph site overview; deer symbol carving on the petroglyph; section overview of the petroglyphs.