Camera Trapping

Appeared Winter 2022
Green Teacher

In “Camera Trapping” Global Field Program graduate and teacher Cate Rigoulot says that “when it comes to camera trapping, the possibilities are endless.” In the article, Rigoulot explores the following topics and shares how her “camera trap lab” helps her students connect to wildlife:

  • What is a camera trap?
  • Selecting a camera trap
  • Setting up a camera trap
  • Applications for the classroom
  • How to: “The Camera-trap lab”
  • Modifying for younger students

“In my experience, camera trapping has a way of captivating students’ attention and curiosity like nothing else and has been an invaluable tool in my teaching. I hope that others will be encouraged to bring camera traps into their classrooms to engage students and turn a new lens on inquiry,” says Rigoulot.

Rigoulot and her students also designed this website as a way to help the school community learn more about nature and wildlife on Miss Porter’s School campus. Read about the camera trap project and learn more about the animals that the students have found.