Antoinette van de Water – Elephant conservation, coexistence and community engagement strategies

antoinette van de Water

Global Field Program alum Antoinette van de Water recently presented her research on human-elephant coexistence at TedxVeghel. Her presentation includes several projects initiated during her time in the GFP. In her presentation she states:

“I often see elephant herds as a metaphor for a just society, a society that appreciates empathy and compassion, a society that embraces coexistence, in which elders are respected, strangers are welcomed, and resources are used wisely. Values that are increasingly absent in our own competitive society. We need to change our way of thinking. Rather than putting a price tag on elephants or nature, we need to reestablish our connection with it. Recognizing its strength and beauty. Recognizing the inescapable fact that we are all part of an interconnected world. By recognizing the elephant’s right to exist and their full value for society, elephants contribute to a better world.”

Check it out and enjoy!