Advanced Inquiry Program

AIP: Costs

Estimated Costs

To support involvement by a broad range of educators and conservation professionals nationally, Miami University offers significantly reduced tuition for AIP web-based classes.

Annual Cost Estimate

The following table shows an estimate of costs for Year 1 in the AIP master’s program for students taking 6 hours of AIP core courses and 7 hours of AIP Web+ courses (13 credit hours total – see recommended Course of Study).  The rates shown reflect a 3-year tuition commitment from Miami University for the period from Summer 2018 to Spring 2021.

Core Courses (6 credit hours at $300/credit hour*)AIP Web+ Courses (7 credit hours at $475/credit hour*)Year 1 Total

*Prices are subject to change. Allow extra for miscellaneous costs such as textbooks, readers, and travel to your local AIP Master Institution.

The current cost for this Miami University master’s degree is roughly 30% less than the cost of a Miami master’s for an Ohio resident. Dragonfly‘s many students who live outside Ohio realize an out-of-state savings of approximately 70%.

Offsetting Costs

With reduced fees as part of Miami University’s support for this program, each AIP course is offered at a fraction of actual costs. Applicants to the program should check with their employer to see if professional development funds are available to further offset costs.


A limited number of small scholarship funds (in the range of $250-$500, varying by year) are available to current AIP students.  Scholarship descriptions and application information is distributed by email to all students in late spring of each year.